Hort Band New Sound And Visual Experience 2012
1732x viděno
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Visual language for the elements of the Hort Band music: Beat, Melody and Harmony.
The outcome was a performance when 3 musicians are using 3 computers as individual instruments controlling separately Beat, Harmony and Melody. Each instrument triggers sound and image at the same moment. The visuals are shown separately at the 3 projections. The band member Andvari is related to the earth and stones. In the band he controls beats and rhythm. His tools to create these sounds are stones, crystals and gems. The 2nd band member is Sylphen. Air and clouds are his speciality. He is the one responsible for harmony. When he plays, his music transforms into ethereous imagery. Band member Unda takes care of the melody. The melody flows like water. Water is his element. When he plays, his fluid melody leaves behind musical ripples.
(Did during my internship at studio Hort in Berlin.)